Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine for Can or bottle Filling Machine

Short Description:

Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine for Can or bottle Filling Machine


Payment Term: T/T , L/C at sight

Delivery Time :  2 sets RTS (Ready to ship)

Function :  Liquid nitrogen dosing

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Package :   Can be used on any kind of package needing liquid nitrogen dosing


Product Detail

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Juice  can  filling and seaming machine


 One-button  for all

LN2 will turn into gas when it touches anything warmer than itself

LN2 expands to gas 700 times its volume

A drop of LN2 into the head space of a filled bottle will purge the air out leaving only nitrogen

By using liquid nitrogen nitrogen dosing, the residual oxygen left in the headspace can be reduced to as little as 0.5%


Technical Parameter:


0-300/ 0-600/0-2000 cans per min

Suitable Package Size

Any size




380V  50HZ  3 phase+N+G





Product Charateristics

1. No container no dose and interval dose method in low speed to reduce liquid nitrogen consumption; dosing valve is always open in high speed. Automatic detects high speed or low speed.

2. Vacuum & heat insulation protection

3. Special nozzle care system effectively avoid nozzle frost and ice blockage phenomenon.

4. Liquid-gas separator ensures liquid nitrogen in an ultra cold state, improves liquid phase purity to make the dose more precision and steady.

5. Liquid nitrogen buffer function, effectively control liquid nitrogen bounce splash. Liquid nitrogen dosing amount is steady and ensures can pressure equality.

6. Filter(optional) 10 u m to remove particulate pollution

7. Precise dosing liquid nitrogen speed could reach to 300cpm, continuous dosing speed could reach to 800cpm

8. Capacity adjust ability and effectively vacuum liquid nitrogen insulation pipe ensures minimum liquid nitrogen consumption

9. Advanced dosing valve ensures transport pure and liquid nitrogen.

10. Lowest outlet pressure of dosing valve ensures minimum liquid nitrogen splash.

11. No frost operating condition.

12. Precise adjust ability of dosing amount and dosing time

13. Continuous self-monitoring through alarm indicator

14. PLC control/Touch screen/user- interface language selectivity

15. Could connect liquid nitrogen vacuum and heat insulation pipe, also could provide a complete liquid supply system from liquid nitrogen storage tank to fling production line.

16. Small size and easy to install

17. Diversity machine types ensure to suit different capacity production lines.

18. Apply to all different sizes pet bottles and thin-wall easy open cans production lines.

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