Liquid nitrogen dosing machine usage in beverage industry

PET bottle / 2-piece can liquid nitrogen dosing machine

     Beverages on the market are mainly sold in the form of two-piece cans, three-piece cans, PET bottles and carton packaging. Most of the two-piece cans are made of aluminum, which is light and thin, which can effectively reduce transportation costs. The disadvantage is that it is easy to cause deflated cans, especially when filling non-carbonated beverages. Most of the three-piece cans are made of iron and are mainly used for filling non-carbonated beverages. They are characterized by being strong and not easy to cause collapse, but the weight of three-piece cans is relatively heavy. In recent years, the price of iron has risen, which makes manufacturing Increased costs.

     When there are flaws in the application, someone will always figure out how to solve these problems. For example, how to reduce the cost of three-piece cans and how to reduce the collapse of two-piece cans. Therefore, a method came into being – liquid nitrogen dosing technology.

     If you want to reduce the cost of the can, you can change the three-piece can into a two-piece can. Because aluminum cans are lighter than iron cans, the average aluminum can is 13 grams, and the same volume of iron cans needs 45 grams. If you want to reduce the generation of deflated tanks, liquid nitrogen instillation can be performed. Because the liquid nitrogen dripping generates internal pressure in the tank, the product can enter the sterilization pot and undergo long-term sterilization at 121 ° C, so that the tank will not collapse after cooling, and will not be deformed during the packaging and handling process.

The specific operation is: after filling, before entering the sealing, use modern liquid nitrogen injection technology to accurately inject liquid nitrogen at -196°C, and then seal immediately, the liquid nitrogen absorbs heat in a short time, and the volume expands 700 times, become nitrogen gas. There are two advantages of doing this. The air (especially oxygen) in the can is driven away, so that the shelf life of the product is longer; the aluminum can will not rust and is suitable for refrigeration.

         In addition to metal packaging, liquid nitrogen instillation in PET bottles and flexible packaging also has the same effect. The PET bottle is dripped with liquid nitrogen to generate gas nitrogen. One is to replace the air at the top of the bottle, and the quality of the product is more stable and safer. The second is to generate internal pressure, increase the strength, prevent the bottle from collapsing, and reduce the weight of the bottle. For example, Coke, PepsiCo purified water, mineral water, 18 grams of bottles only need 13 grams or less. The feel after injection of liquid nitrogen is no less than that of an 18-gram bottle. There are also the source of beauty series, 10 v series, fruit milk excellent series and so on.

      In flexible packaging, nitrogen and deoxygenation, such as in roof boxes, can extend the shelf life of the product while making the packaging more rigid. Injecting liquid nitrogen into condiments, edible oils, red wine, and medical infusion products to generate gas nitrogen and control residual oxygen can eliminate hidden quality risks.

     Two-piece cans beverage nitrogen dripping machine liquid nitrogen dripping machine Features of liquid nitrogen filling machine:


    Nitrogen positive pressure protection – the nozzle is protected by dry nitrogen positive pressure to prevent the entry of peripheral air and cause frost and ice blockage inside the nozzle

Differential pressure liquid level gauge is used–high liquid level accuracy, and the tank has the function of gas-liquid separation to realize pressureless filling

       Accurate nitrogen injection–provide stable and accurate nitrogen injection

Individual filling – up to 800 containers per minute

Individual filling or continuous filling – the speed of changing filling modes can be set by the user

Vacuum Insulation Technology–Improve the Use Efficiency of Liquid Nitrogen

Soft Fill Compatible – Suitable for Hot Fill, Powder, and Granular Products

Micro-injection technology–maintains the consistency and accuracy of nitrogen injection at all production line speeds

3. Main advantages of liquid nitrogen drip machine

      Light weight PET bottle – reducing the gram weight of PET to save cost and environmental protection

Extended shelf life – reduced oxygen levels

Glass to Plastic Packaging – Eliminate the Physical Hazard and Weight of Glass Bottle Use

Easy to label – consistent bottle wall hardness for high labelling efficiency

Bottle robustness – maintains the original shape of the lightweight bottle

Reduced Oxygen Use – Savings in Liquid Nitrogen Filling Can Be Measurable and Reproducible

Eliminate flat bottles – increase bottle pressure to eliminate the problem of flat bottles

Improve warehouse space utilization – increase product stacking capacity and reduce use area

Hypoxic function – inert packaging maintains product freshness

Maintain organic product quality – no preservatives to extend shelf life

Post time: Apr-06-2022
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