Foil Overlid Coca-cola Cans Launched Exclusively in Saudi Arabia

New packaging introduced in response to COVID-19

 Foil over lid image_1020x420Consumers have adapted to a new normal brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. They are now increasingly aware of the need for varied packaging solutions-Aluminum Foil Overlid  Sealing Machine  For Cans , and in response, The Coca‑Cola Company launched a protective foil covering in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Made from 100% recyclable aluminum, the covering shields the top surface of the can to offer consumers peace of mind and help alleviate any hygiene concerns.

A Saudi consumer sentiment study conducted by McKinsey & Company in March 2021 found that 39% of the population showed a preference for hygienic packaging- Aluminum Foil Overlid  Sealing Machine  For Cans.


Commenting on the launch, Tarun Sabhlok, Region Marketing Director, said: “This project marks a key milestone in our journey to cater to the needs of the Saudi population. We are very excited about this new packaging solution as it addresses a very relevant consumer concern. Our Saudi consumers are benefitting from this new packaging, giving them peace of mind and making their experience a completely hassle-free one.”

To celebrate the milestone launch, The Coca‑Cola Company launched a television commercial in Saudi Arabia which considered human insights and observations of consumer behavior in market.

“We are committed to continuously adapting to our consumer’s needs and leveraging the global scale and expertise of The Coca‑Cola Company to deliver the best products and experiences to our Saudi consumers,” added Sabhlok.

Coca‑Cola is committed to making recyclable packaging part of a circular economy by 2025. As part of its World Without Waste strategy it is focused on achieving 100% collection and recycling by 2030, bringing people together to reach its goals.


” This article from coca-cola middle east”


Aluminum Foil Overlid  Sealing Machine  For Cans

Post time: Jun-05-2023
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