Recyclability, convenience among reasons beverage brands opt for aluminum packaging

Product protection and size variation add to aluminum’s appeal  By Chloe Alverson


In the Nickelodeon series “The Fairly OddParents,” fairies Cosmo and Wanda are assigned to 10-year-old Timmy Turner. As Timmy’s fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda are required to grant Timmy’s wishes, no matter how demanding or out-there the wishes might seem.

Although no fairies are involved in the growing demand for aluminum beverage packaging, the primary packaging seems to be on every beverage-makers’ wish list.

Ron Skotleski, vice president of sales and marketing for the North America beverage division at Crown Holdings, Tampa, FL, describes demand for aluminum beverage packaging as strong and steadily increasing.

“As consumers continue to reach for convenient and sustainable packaging formats, brands are leaning into expanding and launching beverages via aluminum cans,” he says. “Currently in North America, over 80% of new products introduced in the market are launched in cans first.”

Skotleski notes that there is a beverage for every aspect of life, from water and nutritional drinks to cocktails. He suggests that the landscape for beverages, especially those in aluminum cans, will only continue to expand.


“New beverages are being launched left and right based on consumer preferences — ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails, energy drinks, sparkling water and better-for-you sodas are top of mind for consumers and areas where we are seeing the most action,” Skotleski explains. “Convenience and sustainability are two of the main requests coming from consumers.”

The expert goes on to say that the aluminum can is “ideal” because its lightweight, recyclable and circular format gives consumers the convenience of “on-the-go” while remaining one of the most environmentally friendly beverage packages.

“In addition, the branding opportunities through aluminum cans are endless — sleek, striking colors and designs, tactile finishes and varied portion sizes allow brands to carry through their messaging to provide a premium, more personalized customer experience,” Skotleski says.

Daniel Wachter, CEO of Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI), Colorado Springs, CO, also notes that demand for aluminum packaging is steadily increasing.

Wachter points to factors such as environmental concerns, lifestyle preferences, visual marketing strategies, product quality considerations, craft beverage trends and the efficiency of aluminum recycling processes as driving the demand.

“Aluminum is highly recyclable, and existing infrastructure supports efficient collection, processing and reuse, aligning with the broader sustainability goals,” Wachter explains. “The rise in on-the-go consumption contributes to the popularity of convenience packaging like aluminum cans. As new entrants join the beverage industry, aluminum cans are preferred for their premium and distinctive packaging, especially craft beverages, sodas and energy drinks.”

Moreover, aluminum cans are a creative canvas for eye-catching designs, making them visually appealing and conductive to effective branding, Wachter says.

“At CTI, we leverage our expertise in color-change ink technology to enhance brands, creating interactive and distinctive consumer experiences,” he explains. “The surge in craft beverages, encompassing craft beer and specialty soft drinks, has created a niche for unique and visually appealing packaging, further driving the demand for aluminum.”

Further, Wachter notes that aluminum can stands out for its exceptional protective properties, guarding against light and air while ensuring the preservation of beverage freshness and quality.

He explains that this attribute is crucial for products like beer and soft drinks, where maintaining the original flavor profile is extremely important.

The sleek and modern aesthetic of aluminum cans also attracts consumers, Wachter says, and contributes significantly to brand recognition — especially in a market full of premium and specialty beverages.

Aluminum can as one kind of soft and light weight package, recyclability and environmental friendliness endows it greater packaging value.

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Post time: Mar-08-2024
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