Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing System

 Based our non-aseptic liquid nitrogen dosing technology, we have have skilled solution of aseptic dosing system.

In March this year, our company (Willman Machinery )  finished the installation and commissioning of aseptic liquid nitrogen dosing system in one of our customers' factory, completing his  aseptic filling and packaging system.

Stable performance  creats 99.99999% aseptic status for his products.


In order to verfiy the value, we both parties present the finished productsThis aseptic value 99.99999% has verified by the third party.


Successful verification by a third party is a great success of our product upgrade. And this success is a huge encouragement and a reward for the long-term commitment to R&D  for our R&D team.

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Dosing system creats 99.99999% aseptic status for finished products.

Dosing Speed : 1000-80000 BPH

Quantitative Dosing

Post time: Aug-23-2021
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