Yellow peach season, Tasty canned yellow peaches are indispensable

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Canned yellow peach is a canned food made from fresh yellow peaches. It is rich in vitamin C, fiber and carotene needed by the human body. It is ready to eat food. In the hot summer, it taste better after refrigerating.

It is another yellow peach season now. Canned yellow peach is tasty, but how canned peach factory make it.  Let’s have a look.

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①Selection of raw materials

Choose high-quality yellow peaches with a maturity of 8.5%, fresh and plump, free from pests, diseases, and mechanical damage, and with a diameter of 5 cm or more.

②Cut and dig the core

Cut the yellow peach into two halves longitudinally along the seam. Do not skew and cause large or small pieces. After the yellow peach has been cut in half, soak the yellow peach slices in 2% salt water to protect the color. Use a digger to dig out the peach pits from the half-cut yellow peach block. The peach pits should be smooth and oval, but the fruit should not be digged too much or broken up. The red flesh can be left a little. After digging the core, it should be soaked in alkali in time, or soaked in 2% salt water to protect the color.

③Peeling and rinsing

Spread the peach slices on the mesh of the alkali scalding machine in a single layer with the core pits downwards, so that the peel is fully exposed to the lye. The concentration of lye is 6% to 12%, and the temperature is 85 to 90°C. The treatment time is 30-70s, and then rinse the lye with clean water.


Put the washed lye into a hot solution containing 0.1% citric acid and blanch it at 90-100℃ for 2-5 minutes until the peach is translucent. Cool with cold water immediately after blanching.

⑤ Trimming and canning

Use a sharp knife to cut off the spots and residual dander on the surface of the peach block. The trimmed peach chunks are packed in cans according to different colors and sizes. Pay attention to the order of discharge, and the canning volume should not be less than 55% of the net weight. Immediatelyafterfilling, inject hot sugar water above 80°C with a concentration of 25%-30%, and add 0.1% citric acid and 0.03% iso-Vc.

⑥Exhaust and can seal

Exhaust thermally in the exhaust box, and seal the can immediately when the core temperature is 75°C. Or vacuum exhaust, the vacuum degree is 0.03~0.04MPa

⑦ Sterilization and cooling

Sterilize in boiling water for 10-20 minutes, and then cool to about 38°C.

We can see the general process of canned yellow peach above. If there is any mistake, please let us know.

We can found from above, for canned yellow peach production,

Pre-production, we need

Bubbling Washing Machine

Cutting Machine (Half)

Lye Spraying Machine

Peeling Machine

Pre-cooking Machine

Selecting Conveyor Belt

Washing Machine ( For removing hair)

For canning Line, we need :

Empty Can depalletizing Machine

Yellow peach Filling Machine

Exhauster box

Syrup filling machine

Seaming Machine

Pasteurization tunnel

Palletizing Machine

Packing Line, we need :

Depalletizing Machine (Filled Can)

Vacuum Detection Machine

Coding Machine

Labeling Machine

Carton packing Machine

Carton sealing machine

If you have a plan to make canned food, welcome to inquire, we can provide you with a whole line of solutions.

Post time: Aug-13-2021
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