Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine with 12 Dosing Heads

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Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine

Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine for  Aseptic filling


Speed: 0-100/ 0-300/ 0-600 /  0-1200 cans per minute
Payment Term: T/T  
Delivery Time :  30 days after receiving the deposit.
Weight: 500kgs
Power :200W 

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Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine Product Description

 Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine for Aseptic beverage filling production.

It  has the advantage of accurate dosing volume,

No-container-no-liquid dosing

Small size 

Easy installation and maintenance

Suitable for any filling production line

Control system Siemens PLC control system with touch screen,

All  vacuum heat-insulated pipes ensure minimum consumption of liquid nitrogen

No frosting operation condition.


The liquid nitrogen dispenser is designed to create a pressure and inert environment in packaging containing "calm" liquids (such as oil, water, juice, wine, beer, low alcohol beverages, etc.) and food (ketchup, nuts, potato chips, breadcrumbs, etc.). This machine is suitable for any packaging container, including aluminum cans, glass, PET , and other types of plastic.
The ability to automatically create over-pressure and inert environments is a revolution in the packaging industry to some extent. After a drop of liquid nitrogen is injected into a bottle or container, the evaporation is strong (boiling point - 196 ° C)
When it becomes a gas, its volume increases by 700 times. This physical phenomenon can do two basic things:
First, before packaging, the remaining air and oxygen are squeezed out of the bottle and replaced with inert gas nitrogen, thereby extending the shelf life of the product;
Secondly, after sealing, the evaporated liquid nitrogen will generate additional pressure, greatly improving the rigidity and strength of aluminum, RET, and other plastic containers. This is necessary for reasonable storage and transportation, and to prevent the "vacuum rupture" effect of hot products when cooled in closed containers.
Using a liquid nitrogen dispenser, it is possible to successfully package cold liquids, hot ketchup, cooking oil, dessert syrup, wine or coffee concentrate into PET containers.


Aseptic Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine Working Process

      When liquid nitrogen vaporized, the volume expansion 700 times, extrude the air out and vacuum the can,increase the aluminum can/pet can internal pressure to strengthen the package, Meanwhile, prolong  canned food or beverage shelf life, keep good looking for better transportation and store.


Technical Parameters


Item Technical Parameter


Capacity Max. 600 cans per min, Set up continuous dosing speed


Suitable Can Size All


Power 0.2kw


Voltage 380V 50HZ 3 phase+N+G


Weight 500KG


Dimension 1300mm×750mm×450mm


 Operation Conditions

1 、Supple of Liquid Nitrogen: Regulate to 15 (0.1MPa) and connect to liquid nitrogen pipe.

2 、Compressed Air or Nitrogen: Supply to the working of dosing valve. The pipe diameter must be 1/4inch and pressure range is from 50psig to 100psig (3.4 to 6.9 bar). Set the pressure to 50 psig (0.35MPa). Please do not set the pressure too high, high pressure means high impact, it will shorten the lifetime of dosing valve element and internal vacuum pipe.

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