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Canned beer has been the most popular craft beer packaging option for the past few years, but the pandemic has sparked a surge in pub-focused breweries as pub-focused breweries have been forced to switch to new sales formats and distribution channels. interest of.For craft breweries looking for their first canning line or to upgrade their existing equipment, we reached out to manufacturers of on- and off-line equipment – ​​from depalletizers and fillers to labelers and multipackers – to tell us about them of top products and featured products.
The Cimarron is our most versatile machine.Its adaptability makes it the exact machine every brewery needs.Its robust feature set allows for unique customization, and its automation always works toward reliable, repeatable fills and seams to keep your beer as fresh as possible.The ability to scale the machine from 1-10 filling heads allows you to grow your business at your own pace, knowing that the Cimarron will be ready to meet your needs, allowing any number of functions to be dialed in.Cimarron can also turn off power and water when it is out of use.Mobile canning operations, compact footprint, high fill-per-minute capacity and QA capabilities make it a natural choice for mobile canning.
For those who need less, try: our entry-level Mancos system or our 3 Fill-Head Gunnison offers great canning options for entry-level and medium-sized operations.
This system is ideal for: Meeting the growing consumer demand for canned hard seltzer, sparkling wine and carbonated beer.
The Angelus CB50C Pneumatic Scale utilizes the same backpressure filling technology and industry-leading Angelus sealing technology as the high-speed beverage line, but can be adapted to the needs of the craft beverage industry.Our system uses true isobaric filling, where the filling tank sits above the filling head, allowing product to be gravity fed rather than pumped/forced upwards.The system also relies on accurate and repeatable fill level metering using precision electromagnetic flow meter technology.Fill cycle parameters can be adjusted via the intuitive HMI display.
For brewers wishing to fill low carbonated beverages: CB50 and CB100 inline machines for filling up to 50 and 100 CPM respectively.
For those looking to expand production but maintain flexibility: CB244 rotary canner up to 250 CPM.
Wild Goose Filling’s scalable Evolution line of canning lines grows with your brewery, providing exceptional precision canning for quality-focused breweries.Modular system options support you from the earliest stages of production to higher-speed canning, giving you the opportunity to cost-effectively produce 15 to 50 cans per minute on your machine.Start filling with any system in the range of 1 to 5 head fillers and upgrade gradually or all at once depending on your needs.Mobile configurations and a full range of auxiliary equipment options make the Evolution Series a complete automated packaging solution to meet the unique needs of your growing craft brewery.Backed by Wild Goose’s renowned customer service, the Evolution Series is there to support you and your future growth.
For those who need less, try: Gosling Small Volume Professional Canning System, now in Nitro and QuickChange configurations
American Canning Machines’ single-head filler/sealer is probably the most compact fully automatic canning system on the market.This single-head atmospheric filler is designed for small batch canning, running at 8-12 cans per minute for any standard 211 can diameter cans from 8 oz to 19.2 oz, with excellent packaging quality and minimal dissolved oxygen uptake.A simple one-page user interface gives operators easy access to everything they need, while an optional infeed table allows for large queues to avoid filling pauses.– Pre-purging and lower lid inflation mean minimal dissolved oxygen uptake.Servo-driven sealers provide high power in a compact system.Quick clamp height adjustment to run any fill volume, standard diameters are ok.Integrated drain pan and flush level.
This system is perfect for: Craft brewers looking for an affordable, versatile canning system with a small footprint.
The mACS has the automation, filling technology and sealing reliability of the Cask Large Automatic Filling System (ACS V5) in a small, mobile and affordable system.For brewers looking for packaging and product flexibility, it can easily change cans of various sizes in under 30 minutes.Conveyor can feeders allow automatic packaging of pre- and post-pack components (depalletizers, in-line date encoders, nitrogen dosers, pressure sensitive labelers, etc.), all in a 17.5 sq. ft. system, providing just one billion 15-20 out of 10 and product waste < 1%.Additional brewer-friendly features include a motorized can-driven sealer, post-fill rinser and dryer, and an intuitive touchscreen with CIP and recipe memory.
For those who need a larger system, try: ACS V5, a large version of Cask’s workhorse at 40 cans/min.
Our Westville, Ohio headquarters manufacture, sell and service our equipment, which enables us to provide affordable, high-quality can seam inspection systems to food and beverage manufacturers of all sizes.Purchasing a SeamMate system includes on-site installation and training as well as unparalleled support from the OneVision team.Using the SeamMate system to monitor and detect seam issues gives brewers confidence that customers will get the flavor they expect from canned beverages.SeamMate automatically compares double seam measurements to specifications, records and alerts brewers to potential double seam quality issues.
For those who need less, try: Mini Seam Stripper, which will eliminate the difficult process of manually removing cover hooks.
This system is perfect for: short-term, low-cost can decoration and mass customization for craft brewers.
Tonejet’s Cyclone digital can printing system includes all the equipment needed to decorate necked beverage cans, including depalletizers, can inspection systems, can cleaning and printing units, varnishing ovens, re-palletizers and all associated can transport and conveyor.It allows operators to decorate blank cans with any number of different images in any combination, easily combine production batches with samples and proofs, and stack them on pallets ready for filling or shipping.The system is aimed at printing and packaging businesses serving the craft beer industry, as well as larger brewers looking to minimize canning costs and lead times.
For users requiring a larger system: Multiple Tonejet printers can be used in parallel to increase throughput or run multiple can types simultaneously for a total throughput of up to 240cpm.
For those who need less, try: Mimaki makes a conversion kit that allows their wide-format inkjet printers to decorate cylindrical objects.This setup will be loaded and unloaded manually and has relatively low throughput.Compared to Tonejet’s electrostatic pigment deposition process, the ink consumption per tank is much higher (at least 20 times), but the capital cost of the equipment is lower.
The GR-X’s Full Height Automatic Can Unloader (FHC 1000), also known as our “ECO” unit, provides a steady flow of empty cans to maximize filling operations.The unit is designed for can depalletizers in the craft spirits industry looking for an economical and automated solution.Unload/Drop option allows 80-150 cpm unload speed.The unit is sturdy, built with high-quality components, and designed with ease of operation, reliable performance and a compact footprint in mind.The FHC 1000 can also be custom powder coated frame color and company logo.
If you need even faster speeds, the FHA 3000 is designed to support flexible configurations that can be customized to meet customer specific requirements.It is designed to be able to handle the unloading of aluminium cans around the clock.The unloading and lowering options available on this unit allow for unloading speeds of 150-300+ cpm.Roller conveyors, platforms and pallet stacking options can all be added to the unit to suit your production requirements.This depalletizer can also be customized with custom powder-coated frame colors and company logos.
This system is ideal for: 24/7 daily beer production, moving your craft products reliably throughout the brewing process.
We understand that your packaging line can take a beating day in and day out, so we built a simple and reliable conveyor system designed to withstand.With successful beverage conveyors miles under the belt, we can help you choose the right conveyor to work in your brewery – big or small.
For those who need a larger system, try: Multi-Conveyor can work with you and your other equipment and integration suppliers to design a complete packaging line.Important considerations such as penetration and accumulation are taken into account.
For those who need less, try this: manual packing and carousel conveyors are perfect for 6-pack conveyors and manual to semi-automatic production.
This system is ideal for: Depalletizing cans and other metal containers on packaging lines operating at 25-400 cpm.
The Ska Fabricating Can Depalletizer is a semi-automatic depalletizer with a small footprint.This is a heavy duty machine with customizable height designed for space-constrained cannery or breweries.Can-i-Bus will be fully automatic after tray insertion and removal of straps and shelves, allowing beverage producers to easily reduce labor costs while scaling production.It’s a packaging line workhorse that production managers rely on to keep canning days running smoothly, with their teams spending less time fixing or tweaking poorly manufactured equipment and more time packaging .We have over 800 CIBs installed around the world running beer, coffee, tea, kombucha, wine, soda, CBD beverages and more.
For those who need a larger system, try: Magic Bus, a fully automatic can unloader with built-in pallet management and speeds up to 600 CPM.
For users who need less, try: Half Pint, a half-height mobile depalletizer ideal for lines running 10 – 50 CPM.
This system is ideal for: Multi-pack craft beer, up to 70 cans per minute, creating 4, 6 or 8 pack configurations
The GPA70 features a Grip-Pak ring, the most cost-effective can holder for 4 and 6 packs, designed for 12 and 16 oz cans.The easy-to-remove ring allows full exposure of the can’s graphics without overwhelming the multipack with its bulky presence.Combined with your canning system, the GPA70 reduces the extra steps of manually applying handles or rings.
For those who need a larger system, try: our new applicator, the GPA1000, will be available later this year.Speeds are rated up to 1000 cpm.
For those who need less, try: Our Craft-Pak handles and applicators use 30% less plastic than traditional handles.
Assembling multiple flavors of beer into a carton can be a very labor-intensive process.Bevco’s hybrid packaging solutions improve the hybrid packaging production process and ergonomics by feeding split flavors into a cartoner or tray packer.The table allows workers to manually load different types of products into separate lanes on the conveyor belt.Stainless steel packaging tables are mounted on the sides of the conveyor belt, allowing workers to easily load product flats and push containers onto the conveyor belt.Each system is customized for integration into a customer’s cartoner or palletizer.For breweries that do not have an automatic cartoner, there is an optional packing station on the conveyor outlet for manually sweeping containers into cartons.The conveyor belt can be lifted to allow bulk containers to enter a cartoner or palletizer.Each system is customized according to customer needs and application requirements.
This system is ideal for: Slow production lines to run a variety of packaging patterns and cans of multiple sizes.
Econocorp Beer Twinseal machines are a low-cost entry point to automating the packaging process, filling beer cans into cardboard box carriers.It has extremely fast changeover times between packaging formats and can sizes, and is capable of handling the largest range of box sizes used in the craft beer industry.It is also the easiest and most economical option for making 12-packs in a variety of flavors.
This system is perfect for: Brewers who want to increase production and start automating their packaging lines.
The WaveGrip C80 is an entry-level multi-pack applicator designed for craft makers.With its small footprint, low cost and speeds up to 80cpm, the C80 is the perfect choice for those looking to enter the market and want to increase their production.The C80 can be installed seamlessly at the end of any production line and in the tightest spaces, ensuring minimal disruption to your facility.Like all WaveGrip applicators, our C80 system is manufactured in the USA to the highest standards and backed by an experienced engineering support team.
The PakTech Can Carrier Applicator 440 converts from QuadPak to 6pak at the push of a button on the HMI.Height adjustment requires minimal tools and less than 5 minutes of change.The machine is also capable of converting between standard tanks and smooth tanks with required replacement parts.Depending on your technician’s experience, it will take 30-45 minutes to fully switch between these styles of tanks.The CCA440 plus HMI comes standard with a visual display of the I/O to facilitate troubleshooting and reduce reliance on PLC access.The program is prepared for downstream and upstream inputs to ensure machines are processing cans or speeding up production when the line is ready to keep other line unit operations running most efficiently.
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