eco- friendly packaging-aluminum bottles get more attention

The Alkaline Water Co. Inc., Scottsdale, Ariz., and The Clean Beverage Co. announced that it is expanding its eco-friendly aluminum product line with a new 750-ml (25.3-ounce) bottle. Soon to be offered by Alkaline88 as a new product to its 75,000 existing retailers, this larger, fully recyclable white aluminum bottle also will be a featured product for the company’s strategic expansion into the hospitality industry which includes hotels, restaurants, universities, fitness centers, and airports.

“On-premise bottled water consumption is a billion-dollar-a-year market that has very few alkaline water offerings. We expect to change that in a hurry,” stated Ricky Wright, president and CEO of the Alkaline Water Co., in a statement. “Alkaline88’s new 750-ml, fully recyclable and refillable aluminum bottle will be a flagship product for our strategic expansion into the billion-dollar hospitality channel. The Alkaline Water Co. recently hired Gary Bliss as our new director of hospitality. He has decades of experience and a phenomenal track record in the industry. He has already approached numerous on-premise establishments where our 750-ml white aluminum would be an ideal eco-friendly product for their venues. Consumers will soon be able to enjoy Smooth Hydration at hotels, bars, restaurants, gyms, and other popular on-site venues. As we roll out our first ever traditional marketing campaign, we know that more customers will be looking for Alkaline88 as their water of choice.


As we can see ,  Carbon neutral is the hot topic from now on.

In the food industry, package is an important point for marketing. Now  we need to pay more attention to the  eco-friendly pacakge.

No matter using platic package or aluminum package, from the point of costing saving, packaging becomes thinner and thinner.  Liquid nitrogen dosing machine is the device (machine) to make package as strong as the it should be .



Post time: Oct-03-2021
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