Hungarian company launches the world’s first AI developed beverage, with AI completing the taste and packaging

Hungarian functional beverage manufacturer HELL ENERGY announced on July 3rd that it has successfully developed the world’s first fully AI developed functional beverage. The biggest feature of this beverage is that every step, from appearance design, formula development to taste evaluation, safety measures, and even marketing elements, is completed by artificial intelligence.

Aluminum can filling and seaming machine

In terms of specific processes, artificial intelligence has processed a large amount of information and subsequently developed what it considers the best formula. In addition, AI “not only considers consumers’ expectations for Energy drink, but also gives priority to the goal of creating an excellent and more pleasant drink”.
The artificial intelligence system uses vitamins, amino acids, herbs and other ingredients to enhance the beverage, while ensuring that it complies with the food industry regulations, including optimizing the recommendations of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), and ensuring that the element content in the product meets the daily recommended intake standards.

Aluminum Can filling and seaming machine 

Aluminum can filling and seaming machine 1

This system blends three different flavors and then digitizes and fine tunes them using the technology of a New York company. After tasting all three beverages and analyzing a large amount of data and statistical information, the system utilized predictive intelligence to select the final taste decision.
It is the first time for AI to carry out full process product research and development in the field of Energy drink, which is a breakthrough. With the power of artificial intelligence, the development and research cycle of food can be significantly shortened from 1-2 years (at least half a year) to 1 month. It is reported that this beverage will be produced in the most advanced equipment in Europe and will be released in over 60 countries and regions worldwide starting this summer.
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Post time: Jul-06-2023
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