The 355ml two-piece aluminum can weighs only 8.4g! Toyo Can Launches the World’s Lightest Two-Piece Coated Aluminum Beverage Can

Based on information from Toyo Can’s official website and industry media Canmaker, and with the help of a better bottom shaping technology (Compression Bottom Reform) jointly developed with Stolle Company of the United States, Toyo Can of Japan launched in 2020 what is said to be the world’s lightest 355ml (12 ounce) two-piece aluminum beverage cans (aTULC), after removing the polyester film on the inside and outside, the entire can weighs only 8.8g, which is about 0.7g lighter than the lightest two-piece coated aluminum can of the same size in Europe at this stage. It is measured that after removing the film, its mid-wall thickness is only 0.062mm, while the wall thickness in conventional two-piece cans is usually 0.077mm.
The diameter of the above-mentioned 355ml two-piece coated can is 211# and the height is 122mm. It is said that an aluminum can material with a thickness of 0.21mm is used, while the lightest 330ml two-piece can produced in Europe currently uses a thickness of 0.21mm. It is 0.24mm aluminum can material.
It is understood that a key to the significant reduction in tank weight lies in the better bottom shaping technology (Compression Bottom Reform) jointly developed by Toyo Can and Stolle, which enables the bottom arch back pressure value to reach 618kPa (90psi), which meets the requirements of industry performance standards.


Post time: Sep-22-2022
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