What are the advantages of aseptic cold filling?

       Nutrition and health are the main development directions of the beverage industry under the trend of consumption upgrading. Plant protein beverages that conform to the consumption trend have once again become the “window” in recent years. As more and more production entities join this track, a series of chain effects such as capacity expansion at the upstream production end and growth in demand for beverage machinery have swept across. So, in the production of vegetable protein beverages, what are the main production processes and production equipment worthy of attention?

Aseptic Filling

       The milky liquid drink obtained after processing of raw material pretreatment, preparation, homogenization, filling, sterilization, etc. is what we call plant protein drink. Because plant nuts and other raw materials are rich in nutrients such as protein and amino acids, and have low cholesterol content, plant protein beverages meet people’s demand for healthy beverages in terms of quality, and also meet the implementation requirements of the “Healthy China” strategy.

          Entering the post-epidemic era, as people pay more attention to health, plant protein beverages are also regarded as high-quality tracks. More and more manufacturers and emerging brands are speeding up their staking, and speeding up the development of soy milk, coconut milk, A series of new products such as oat milk. In this process, the industry has not only created some high-quality “out-of-the-circle” products, but also the financing performance of industry brands can also make people see the broad prospects of this industry, and the plant protein beverage market, which is favored by consumers again, has been In recent years, it has shown a rapid growth trend, and has successfully reversed the sluggish development of the industry earlier.

           Of course, with the increasingly fierce market competition environment, the development of the plant protein beverage industry is inevitably faced with the situation that the strong core competitiveness wins the world. In terms of production. The production process and production equipment are the basic and key links in enhancing the core competitiveness of products, and the application of new technologies and new equipment is bound to become a highlight.

             At present, vegetable protein beverages mainly have two production processes: high-temperature hot filling and aseptic cold filling, the latter is currently a more advocated processing technology. Because compared with the common high-temperature hot filling in the past, the aseptic cold filling technology avoids the influence of heat-sensitive substances in the beverage during high-temperature processing, resulting in the loss of nutrients in the beverage, which is conducive to retaining the color and flavor of the raw materials. And nutrients, more advantages in product quality.

Aseptic cold filling technology is mainly to carry out constant temperature or low temperature filling of products under aseptic conditions, aseptic production environment, aseptic filling equipment, aseptic packaging materials and containers, etc. The plant protein drink is sterile after UHT instant sterilization, and maintains this state continuously, and it can achieve the basic conditions for prolonging the shelf life of the product without adding preservatives. Therefore, production enterprises should build qualified clean workshops as needed, introduce advanced aseptic filling production line filling and aseptic filling testing devices and other hardware facilities, and regularly inspect beverage machinery and engineering components involved in production. Aseptic processing is carried out to ensure the effective operation of aseptic cold filling.

Post time: Apr-10-2022
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