Yuanqi Forest sugar-free cola-flavored sparkling water is on the market, and the sugar-free beverage market has a good prospect

On August 10, the official Weibo of Yuanqi Forest released a poster of the new cola-flavored soda sparkling water, and announced that online pre-sale will be officially opened from now on.

The product will be the first to be sold on Tmall and JD.com’s flagship stores of Yuanqi Forest, and will be available in some offline channels as soon as the end of August. It is reported that this cola-flavored sparkling water maintains the characteristics of “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 calories” of Yuanqi Forest.

Since the launch of sugar-free sparkling water by Yuanqi Forest in 2018, it has set off a trend in China’s sugar-free beverage market.

The so-called sugar-free beverages refer to sugars that do not contain sucrose, that is, starch hydrolyzed, such as glucose, maltose, etc. Generally, sweeteners such as sugar alcohols and oligosaccharides that do not increase blood sugar concentration are used as sugar substitutes.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness, the concept of quitting sugar and cutting sugar has made the public more cautious about sugar intake, and regard it as a key step towards health. Health and zero sucrose have become the core demands of consumers . Under the new trend of consumption, major beverage companies have launched “sugar-free” products one after another.

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After the sparkling water of Yuanqi Forest became popular, both traditional carbonated beverage leading companies and emerging brands have seen the huge development space of the sugar-free beverage market, and they are all rushing into the sugar-free beverage market. During 2020, a number of emerging sugar-free carbonated beverages, such as Yiran Milk Mineral Sparkling Water, Jianlibao Micro-bubbling Water, Nestle Premium Sparkling Water and Xixiaocha Sparkling Water, have been launched successively.

Speaking of sugar-free beverages, the sugar-free tea drink Oriental Leaf launched by Nongfu Spring in 2011 was the first to appear in the eyes of consumers. In the first half of this year, Oriental Leaf was promoted on Tmall, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms “618″. Among them, the sales volume is considerable, which will further drive the outbreak of sugar-free tea beverages this summer.

Many companies have begun to lay out the sugar-free beverage track. In recent years, sugar-free beverages have become more and more sought after by consumers, and the types of products have become more and more abundant, which has promoted the continuous growth of the industry. Against the background of increasing health awareness, China’s sugar-free beverage industry has broad prospects for development.

However, it should be noted that as more and more companies enter the sugar-free beverage track, the homogenization of sugar-free beverages occurs, and differentiated sugar-free beverages are easily favored by consumers.

Yuanqi Forest attaches great importance to creating differentiated selling points of its products. For example, the cola-flavored sparkling water launched by Yuanqi Forest on August 10 not only has the characteristics of “0 sugar, 0 calories, 0 fat”, but this sparkling water also has the characteristics of “0 preservatives.”

This is thanks to the aseptic carbonic acid filling technology used in the Yuanqi Forest production line, which achieves an industry-leading log6 microbial control level. In October last year, Vitality Forest announced that chemical preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate would no longer be added to its entire line of products, trying to re-establish differentiated competition with sparkling water launched by traditional beverage companies in the ingredient list.

According to the prediction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the market size of sugar-free beverages in my country will further maintain its growth momentum. It is expected to double in the next five years, increasing to 22.74 billion yuan in 2025, and in 2027, the market size will reach nearly 27.7 billion yuan. Although the market prospect of sugar-free beverages is good, enterprises need to highlight the advantages of product differentiation, explore different selling points, and strive to develop more diverse flavors to win the favor of consumers.

Post time: Aug-21-2022
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