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1.This labeling machine is used for labeling round bottles or cylindrical objects.
2.The bottle-dividing mechanism uses synchronous sponge wheel stepless speed regulation, and the bottle-dividing distance can be set arbitrarily.
3.The front section adopts a turntable track feeding mechanism. Stable feeding, large buffer space and fast speed
4.Multi-point emergency stop buttons can be installed at appropriate positions on the production line to ensure safe connection operation and smooth production.
5.The label peeling distance can be adjusted arbitrarily, suitable for labels of different lengths and debugging, and easy to use.
6.Conveyor type pressure bottle body. Make the label attachment stronger

Technical Paramaters









AC220 V 50/60HZ single phase


Labeling Speed

0-200 bottles/ min (Depends on sticker length)


Labeling accuracy

±0.5mm (Except for bottle and label deviation)


Suitable container range

External diameter : 10-100mm

Height : 20-260mm

( Unique size are customized according to specific requirements)


Label size range

Height : 18-160mm

Length : 20-300mm

( Unique size are customized according to specific requirements)


Largest label size

 Diameter : 360mm

Paper roll inner diameter : 76mm

 Tips : When you encounter problems during the purchase or use, please call the service, Mrs Zhang +8618250231863, we will provide you with solutions as soon as possible.



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Our Services

We can provide machine running video for checking , for more details and service, please contact us.

 *Installation / Commissioning / Training:

1 - We will arrange technician for machine installation, commissioning and  finish the trial production till machines run smoothly.
2 - Our technician will provide machie operation training to the customer in customer’s factory.
3 - We guarantee that our products are brand new.

*After-sales Service:
1 - After checking, we offer 12 months as a quality guarantee, offer wearing parts free and offer other parts at the lowest price.
2 - If you could not solve the problems, we will arrange a technician to your factory solving the problems.
3 - After quality guarantee, we offer technical support and after-sales service.

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