PET Bottles and Containers Leakage detection machine

Short Description:

 Bottles and Containers Leakage testing machine 


Payment Term: T/T , L/C at sight

Delivery Time :  2 sets RTS (Ready to ship)

Function : Leakage detection

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Package :  any bottle or container

Real-time monitoring of the internal pressure of cans and PET bottles after liquid nitrogen dosing,

as well as other sparkling drinks pressure detection after sealing( capping). Siemens PLC  detection System

High-precision dynamic tracking sensor

Small pressure change can be detected

Punctual and precise judgement after calculation and comparison

Product Detail

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Product Introduction

It can be used to detect or test internal pressure  for soft package like  PET bottles or aluminum cans after liquid nitrogen dosing.  The device can quickly detect and remove unqualified products and provide sound and light alarm, allowing users to monitor if front-end equipments work properly and aviod unqualified products flowing to market.

When continuous substandard products being kicked out appears, it is a single that there is malfunction  happening at the front-end equipment.  That is to say, it can be set to  find the front-end equipment working status to reduce the loss.

In addition, it  is also as as monitor to the detect the volume of liquid nitrogen and adjust if necessary. The device has capability of determining whether the internal pressure is qualified instead of destroying the pakcage.

Technical Parameters

1 Humidity relative humidity0-100%
2 Working altitude 6050 meters above sea level work
3 Noise Continuous noise≤78DB(A)
4 Weight 150kg
5 Capability 0-400 cans/min
6 Test accuracy 99.99%
7 Compressed air Used to supply the elimination of cylinders. Need 8mm diameter air tube, pressure range of 4-6 kg.
8 Capability 0-400 cans/min
9 Test applicable pressure range 0-6bar
10 Static accuracy detection 0.01bar




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