18000 CPH Canned Carbonated Drinks Production Line Packed in Aluminum Can

Short Description:


Product: Canned  carbonated drinks production line

Package: Aluminum can

Capacity: 18000 cans per hour cans

Before sale service : Production line layout design

Payment Term: T/T , L/C at sight

Delivery Time :  About  30  days

Function :  Whole production line

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Power : 5.5KW

N.W.: 6500KGS


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 Main uses and characteristics

This machine is used to produce various carbonated beverages (mix of water, syrup, carbon dioxide) such as lemon, cola, fruit juice and soda. It is the main equipment in beverage production equipment (especially the key equipment for medium and high-end beverage production)

II Features:

1. Adopting advanced technology in the chemical industry, large gas-liquid mass transfer area, small resistance loss, high efficiency, low energy consumption, simple structure, and a multi-stage centrifugal pump with reliable performance and low noise, so that the overall performance Protection.

2. The machine is equipped with high-precision proportional needle valve and pneumatic angle valve in the syrup and water pipeline, which can accurately adjust the mixing ratio and prevent the syrup and water from flowing with each other. The action is sensitive and reliable.

3. The machine can easily adjust the gas content, and it can be adjusted through appropriate operations according to the requirements of the beverage gas content.

4. The machine is equipped with a complete automatic control system, which has the advantages of coordinated action, simple structure, continuous production, and high degree of automation.

Technical performance and basic parameters

1. Production capacity: 4000 LPH (customized for security requirements)

2. Adjustment range of syrup to water ratio: 1: 3 ~ 1: 10

3. Gas content: (CO2: H2O volume ratio)> 2.8

4. Mixing accuracy: ≤2%

5. Frozen water inlet temperature: 2 ~ 5 ℃

6. Frozen water inlet pressure: 0.01Mpa ~ 0.08MPa

7. Syrup inlet temperature: 2 ~ 8 ℃

8. Syrup inlet pressure: 0.01Mpa ~ 0.08MPa

9. CO2 inlet pressure: 0.7Mpa ~ 0.8MPa

10. Purity of carbon dioxide: > 99.9%

11. Working pressure of water storage tank and syrup tank: 0.04MPa

12. Working pressure of storage tank: 0.2Mpa ~ 0.5MPa

13. Total motor power: 4.5kw

carbonated drinks production line 5

Automatic Aluminum Can Depalletizer

  1. Capacity : 200-600 CPM
  2. Applicable diameter :D52-D153mm
  3. Applicable Height: 39~200 mm
  4. Cans Pushing Type: Automatic
  5. Cans output style: From multi-row to single row
  6. Lifting style: Automatic
  7. Dimension: 7.5×4.5×3.2 m
  8. Weight :3.5T
Fruit juice Canning Production Line 1

Slide type Rinsing Machine

Capacity: 200⁓400 CPM

Material: SUS304

Dimension: 2400×2000×500mm


Carbonated drinks 2 in 1 Filling and Seaming Monoblock

  1. Filling material:Carbonated Drink
  2. Applicable diameter :D53-D66mm
  3. Applicable Height: 90~175 mm 
  4. Filling temp. :0-4℃ 
  5. Filling valves number :32  
  6. Seamer heands :
  7. Capacity:300CPM 
  8. Air pressure:0.4MPa
  9. Compressed air consumption: 4Nm3/h
  10. Supplying pressure : 0.4MPa   
  11. CO2 Requirement:Purity 99.995%  
  12. Power :7.5KW 
  13. Machine size :3550X2150X2000 mm
  14. Weight :6000Kg
carbonated drinks production line 4

Bottle Warming Tunnel for Carbonated Drinks

  1. Dimension: L=11M W=1.5M
  2. Product outlet temp.: 25-30℃
  3. water consumption: Recycling use  material: SS304
  4. water tanks is heating by steam. With temp. control system.
  5. Function Description: it with three Temperature zones. 
  6.  water temp. zone : normal temp.(3.5meters)
  7. water temp. zone: cool water (3.5meters)
  8. water temp. zone: cool water (4meters)
  9.  The material of conveyor chain: PP
  10. Motor + reduce: China famous brand
  11. Water pump: nanfang pump
  12. Machine frame: SUS304
  13. Contactors/protection: Schneider
carbonated drinks production line 1

Can Drying Machine

It is mainly used to blow the drips on the surface of the bottle after filling. It is useful to labeling machine.

Technical parameters:

Production capacity: 3000-6000 bottles / hour

Duct Length: 1600mm

Power :5.5kw

Dimensions:1600 × 350 × 1400mm

Can drying Machine

Internal pressure inspection machine

Inspect canned tank after filling liquid nitrogen, remove unqualified product with sound and light alarming

1.Weight: 150kg

2.Capacity : 50⁓300 CPM

3.Dimension: 2000×600×1400mm

Inner pressure Detection Machine

Internal pressure inspection machine

 1, Oversize : L16390xW1800x H2500mm

 2. Shrinkage Tunnel Dimension: L2500 x W700 x H450mm

 3. Max Package Dimension : L460mm*W280mm*H345mm

 4. Packing Speed : 30pcs/min

 5. Power: 60kw

 6. Transfer Belt Width:686mm

 7. Work Air Pressure : 0.6-0.8Mpa

 8.  Air Consumption: 80NL/min-100NL/min

 9.  Total Weight :5200kg


carbonated drinks production line 3

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