Canned Mackerel fish Production line

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Canned Mackerel fish Production line 


Application: Canned mackerel fish production machine – draining machine

Maximum speed :  Frequency control

Dimension : 5800 x 1500 x 800 mm

Voltage : 380V

Power : 2.5kw

Material : SUS 304

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Payment Term: T/T

Delivery Time :   30-35 days

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Willman Machinery-- Professional canned food and beverage machinery manufacturer from China .

With 15 years experience ,we provide whole production line for various types of canned food or canned beverage, carbonated or non-carbonated drinks .

Fruit juice Canning Production Line machinery manufacturer

 There are many kinds of canned aquatic products, according to the different processing methods: steaming; in oil ; fresh fried; in tomato sauce; smoked fish.

Of which canned mackerel fish in tomato sauce

Using mackerel fish  or other aquatic products frozen or fresh one as raw materials,  filling in cans and pre-cooking and draining and then canning with tomato sauce or brine and then processed by exhausting, sealing, and sterilizing.

Feature of canned mackerel production mahcine -- Canned Fish Drainer

One feature

It is made of  SUS304 stainless steel and suitable for pouring water after pre-cooking when producing canned aquatic products like mackerel fish and canned fruits.

It is controlled by frequency conversion and Schneider Electric.

Feature of canned mackerel production mahcine -- Canned Fish Drainer

This machine  inverte the cans to drain water  after the cans  being pre- cooked in the exhaust box tunnel .

When using the steam exhaust box tunnel for degassing and cooking, a certain amount of steam will generate in the cans and the contents of the can will produce some residual liquid.

The function of this draining machine is to continuously invert the cans online and pour the water , which is convenient for the connection of the cans for  uninterrupted production.

Feature of canned mackerel production mahcine -- Canned Fish Drainer

1. The main frame is 304 SUS stainless steel structure.
2. Equipped with stainless steel porous pouring chain bucket
3. Use stainless steel chain drive
4. Transmission speed regulation

Canned mackerel fish production machine - canned fish draining machine

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