Canned tuna fish production line from A to Z

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Canned tuna  production line from A to Z  


Application: Canned  tuna production  line machine

Production  layout design:  design for free

Power :  30kw

Material : SUS 304

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Payment Term: T/T

Delivery Time :   60 days

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Phase of canned tuna production

Reception and cutting



Metal Detection 

 Filling in cans

Oil Filling 


Sealed Can Washing 

Sealed Can Blowing drying 

Sealed Can palletizing 

Sealed Can depalletizing 

 Ink Printing 


Carton packing 

Tuna Cooking Machine

1) Size of cooking pot equipment: 4700x1500x2300mm.

The material of the cooking pot is made of stainless steel 304, the thickness of the inner liner is 3mm, the inner support is reinforced with 10# channel steel, the insulation is made of rock wool, the thickness is 50mm, and the thickness of the insulation board is 1.5mm.

2) The steam is directly heated, the steam nozzles in the inner tank are evenly distributed according to the size, and the steam control adopts the steam angle seat valve control, automatic temperature control, and the valve is equipped with automatic and manual control.

3) The door is designed with double opening and adopts load-bearing hinges, which is convenient and airtight to open the door.

4) The cooking pot is equipped with pressure switches, safety valves, pressure gauges, valves, etc.

Canned Tuna Production Line machine

Tuna Cooking Cart

1) Size of cooking cart: length 1000×width 755×height 1435mm

2)  304 Stainless Steel with 8 layers ( Plate tray can be produced according to the size of the fish)

3) The wheels of the trolley are made of high-temperature and wear-resistant wheels, which meet the load-bearing requirements

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 1

Spray Cooling Rack

1) The rack is made of stainless steel. Pipes surround as ring-shaped spray chamber. The temperature of the cooked tuna is relatively high, and cold water is directly sprayed on the surface of the fish to cool down.

2) Pipe layout according to the actual workshop.


Loining Conveying Machine

1) This conveyor has three layers conveyor belt, the upper layer is for moving tray for treated fish meat, the middle layer is for moving tray for the untreated fish. The bottom layer is conveyed by belts, which are used to convey waste.

2) The main frame is made of 40x40x2 stainless steel square tube, and the upper part is provided with a plastic frame placement rack. The operating table is set on both sides, the thickness of the plate is 1.5mm. And there is hole on plate for leave waste to bottom conveyor belt.

3) Cconveyor motor power: 2x1.1KW; belt conveyor motor power: 1.1KW

4) Equipment dimensions: 18000x1500x1400mm

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 3

Metal Detector

1) When a trace metal is detected, the sound, light and instrument will alarm at the same time, and the machine will stop or kick out the unqualified products.

2) This product uses a computer to form a control system. According to the special requirements of users, it can complete the statistics of the number of detected objects, the classification statistics of qualified products and unqualified products, data storage and printing, product identification of dry and wet concentration, and multiple devices working at the same time. Interference separation and other requirements.

3) Detection method: electromagnetic wave detection, new analog circuit combined with digital circuit

4) Display: digital circuit new 7-inch touch full-color LCD display

5) Effective detection width: 40CM

6) Effective detection height: 10-20CM

7) Sensitivity adjustment: 90 levels

8) Detection sensitivity: 0.8-3.0mm iron ball, 1.5-5.0mm stainless steel

9) Alarm mode: buzzer alarms, the motor stops automatically, and the flip plate is automatically removed.

10) Conveyor belt speed: 20m/min

11) Power supply: 100-265VAC, 50-60Hz

12) Appearance size: 133cmx61cmx140cm

Canned-Tuna-Production-Line-machine metal detector

Automatic Tuna Meat Filling Machine

1) Automatic fish fillet canning machine is a new type of equipment developed by our factory for cutting and canning tuna, salmon and other similar fish species. According to the principle of the original dicing machine, this machine can improve the filling accuracy and production speed while ensuring the quality of dicing. The main power and auxiliary power of this machine adopts three-step out-of-phase AC motor, and the meat feeding adopts high-power servo motor, which has high positioning accuracy, compact and coordinated action. The control part is controlled by a programmable logic controller, and the whole machine is operated with a touch screen. The filling amount and production speed can be easily set on the touch screen. The main electrical components are imported vitality parts.


2) Technical Data







Can size

Can Diameter



Can Height












Main Motor



Support Motor



Servo motor










3) Working principle and process

Automatic fish meat dicing and canning machine completes automatic dicing and canning through actions such as canning, feeding meat, clamping, cutting meat, shifting, pushing meat (blowing minced meat), hooking cans, etc. The production speed is adjustable by frequency conversion. The motor drives the main cam, the clamping cam, the two push cams and the pulley. The main cam completes the displacement and meat cutting action; the clamping cam completes the left and right clamping action; the two meat pushing cams complete the left and right pushing action; the hook wheel completes the hooking action, and all components are adjusted to complete a complete cycle process. The meat feeding belt is driven by a servo motor, and the two proximity switches installed on the output shaft of the main motor are used as the starting signal. The rotation length of the servo motor can be adjusted on the touch screen. The auxiliary motor mainly drives the bottom belt of the rear conveying and the upper belt of the rear conveying. This motor has two speeds, which are mainly controlled by the magnetic switch installed on the first group of cylinders. When the magnetic switch has a signal, it runs at slow speed, and when there is no signal, it runs at full speed. . The upper two groups of cylinders, the first group is to control the amount of meat, which is achieved by adjusting the magnetic switch; the second group is to control the height of the fish.

Put the processed fish sticks on the fish meat platform, and manually put the fish meat on the conveyor belt. Driven by the rear and lower conveyor belts, they are sent to the initial pressing section. The initial pressing section passes through the rear upper pressing wheel belt. , The rear and lower conveyor belts and the two side belts initially press the fish meat, and then continue to feed forward. The reciprocating meat pressing mechanism further presses the fish

meat (one pressing action is performed for every two cans), and then the four belts driven by the servo (Front upper pressure roller belt, two side belts, front and lower conveyor belt) send the fish meat out of the discharge port (the length of each feeding is based on the set length), the clamping plate clamps the fish meat that protrudes from the discharge port, and then The cutter cuts off quickly, cuts off the fish meat that sticks out of the discharge port, the cutter returns, and at the same time, the shift plate sends the cut fish meat to the right outlet of the tank, and the meat push mechanism pushes the cut fish pieces into the empty tank At the same time, the head of the meat-pushing mechanism blows air to separate the meat-pushing mechanism from the fish pieces, and then returns. On the way of the meat-pushing mechanism returning, the can hook wheel hooks the can out. When the meat is pushed, returned and hooked at the right outlet, the outlet is simultaneously feeding, clamping and cutting. When the tank at the right outlet is hooked up, the above action has been completed in the middle position. The shift plate sends the cut fish to the left outlet, and the left outlet completes the action of pushing the meat and hooking the tank, and so on and so forth to complete the fish meat. Canning process.

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 5

Automatic Weighing and Separating Conveyor

1) After the fish is filled, the  an electronic automatic weighing machine is used to automatically select and weigh according to the weight of the tank.

2) The accuracy is ±3g, and the weighing speed is 150 cans/min.

3) Adopt automatic weighing electronic module, waterproof treatment.

4) Set the data according to requirements, if filled can does not meet the weight requirement, it will be pushed away from the main road by the cylinder and entered into the manual weighing conveyor.

5) Equipment host power: 1.5KW

6) Equipment size: 2000x800x1400mm

Canned-Tuna-Production-Line- Weighing and conveying separating machine

Weighing and Supplement Filling Manually

1) This machine is the supplementary filling after automatic fish filling. Remove or add fish meat by manual weighing.

2) Dimensions of the equipment: 4000x1335x930mm.

3) The equipment bracket is made of 40x40x2 square tube .

4) The guardrail is made of stainless steel round tube.

5) The reducer adopts stepless speed regulation with a power of 0.75KW.

6) The equipment is made of stainless steel 304 except for the motor and the chain or belt net.

Canned-Tuna-Production-Line- Weighing and conveying  machine

Brine or Oil Filling Machine

(1) The overall dimensions of the equipment are 4500x1050x2000mm

(2) The equipment bracket is made of 40x40x2 square tube, and the conveying adopts the keel chain conveying chain network.

(3) The guardrail is made of stainless steel round steel, and there are 2 feeding tanks.

(4) The filling is controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve, there is a liquid level floating ball in the material barrel, and the stirring adopts pneumatic stirring.

(5) The filling pipe is controlled by a pneumatic butterfly valve, and the butterfly valve is controlled by a photoelectric switch.

(6) The whole bracket is connected by the receiving tray, and the overflow soup is returned to the recycle tank.

(7) The S-shaped back-and-forth conveying design.Filling soup in the first stage and supplement soup in the second stage.

(8) The reducer adopts stepless speed regulation, the power is 0.55KWx2, 380V/50Hz.

(9) The equipment is made of stainless steel 304 except for the motor and the chain net.

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 8

Automatic Vacuum Seaming Machine (steam injection)

-- This machine is a single-head automatic vacuum sealing machine equipped with 2 pairs of high-precision sealing roller. It is specially used for vacuum sealingf for sealing tin can in the canned food industry. 

Main technical specifications

1) Production capacity: up to 300 cans/min

2)Sealing range: tank diameter 52.3~98.9mm, tank height 34~124mm

3)Motor power: 3KW (with brake) 

4) Inlet height: 813mm

5) Dimensions: (LxWxH) Approx: 2200x1460x1900mm 

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 9

Sealed Can Washing Machine

1) The machine adopts a closed chamber with  high-pressure  water flushing on cans which is cleaned in two stages. The first stage is washed with hot water with detergent. The hot water is heated by steam, and the washed water is returned to the water tank for recycling.

2)The second stage, the can is flushed with clean water, the used water will be recycled to water tank.

3)The flushing adopts high-pressure, all-round flushing. The angle of the flushing head can be adjusted, and the temperature of the hot water is automatically controlled by the temperature controller, which can be adjusted according to different process requirements.

4) Motor power: 2.75KW; Dimensions: 3000x750x1500mm.

5) The equipment is made of stainless steel 304 except the motor.

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 10

Semi Automatic basket loading and unloading machine

1) The semi-automatic basket loading and unloading machine adopts hydraulic cylinder for semi-automatic framing; the cans are sent to the canning conveying platform by the conveyor belt, and the framing is carried out by manual scraping of the cans. Descend one level and do another layer of canning until the sterilization frame is full. Finally, the sterilization frame is manually pushed to the sterilization pot for sterilization. The system consists of a set of hydraulic lifting cylinder, hydraulic station system, a filling platform and control system.

2) Technical parameters:

Production capacity: 60 cans/min

Machine power: 4kw

Dimensions: 4000×1000×1200mm

3) The unloading adopts a fixed hydraulic lifting platform for semi-automatic unloading. The sterilized cans are pushed out by the canning trolley and then sent to the hydraulic lifting platform for unloading. platform. The sterilization basket after sterilization is also pulled by the hand cart to the straight track of the unloading frame, and then enters the unloading area. After the unloading system is powered on, the mesh belt is started, and the hydraulic system is lowered to the lowest level. After the full frame is pushed in place, the hydraulic system rises to When the height is suitable, the can pushing cylinder starts to push the whole layer of cans to the mesh belt. When the cans are completely pushed out of the sterilization frame, the pushing cylinder resets. At this time, remove the sandwich board and then press the trigger button to start the next unloading. Cycle until the full frame of can is unloaded.

Technical parameters: Production capacity: 100 cans/min

Machine power: 3kw

Canned Tuna Production Line machine 11

Blow Drying Machine

1) After the pop-top can comes out of the sterilizer (pot), water droplets are attached to the surface of the can body, which is easy to form water droplets, and rust spots appear on the surface, which affects the appearance of the product. This drawback can be removed later through this equipment, and the surface can be dried. Into the carton packaging and coding, etc., the main materials of the machine are made of stainless steel.

2)The main technical parameters:

Production capacity: 0~200 cans/min

Applicable tank diameter: Φ52.5~105mm

Applicable tank height: 32~133mm

Power: 4KW

Dimensions: 2000×650×1500mm 

Canned-Tuna-Production-Line- sealed can blow drying machine

Sealed Can Palletizing Machine

1) The equipment rack is made of carbon steel, and the surface is painted;

2) The mesh belt frame is made of stainless steel 304 material;

3) The sensor adopts (Germany P+F);

4) The frequency converter is adopted (Danfoss, Denmark), if there is a servo motor, it is adopted (Taiwan Delta);

5) Low-voltage electrical appliances and buttons are used (Schneider, Germany);

6) Pneumatic components are used (Taiwan AirTAC);


 1. The mesh belt is fed into the tank as a buffer storage platform for canned food

 2. Automatically collect, arrange, divide tanks, code tanks, and layer

 3. The code tank warehouse is automatically layered and gradually lowered, and the positioning is accurate.

 4. Manual loading and unloading

 5. After one stamping, it will automatically stop and alarm, or enter the next stacking link.

 6. PLC computer program control system, photoelectric monitoring system.

 7. High carbon steel structure, reliable quality; intensive combination, small space occupation.

Canned-Tuna-Production-Line- sealed can palletizing Machine

Sealed Can Depalletizing Machine

Empty Can Depalletizing Machine and Can Washing Machine

-- Application: depalletizing metal can.

-- Structural composition and material:Carbon steel structure.

(1) The conveyor chain feeding platform can store one package in advance.

(2) Frame carbon steel steel structure, the main board on three sides is 2mm thick stainless steel frosted plate.

(3) The can conveying platform of the elevated mesh chain is 3.2 meters high, 1.2 meters wide and 4.0 meters long, stainless steel structure.

(4) The conveyor chain for pallet :Carbon steel structure.

(5) Main lifting system:Carbon steel structure.

(6) Electric can ejection mechanism: carbon steel structure.

(7) Operation platforms and steps: Carbon steel structure.

8) The lifting is automatically controlled by the electronic sensor to detect can body,  the can is automatically taken out by the double-row conveyor.

Motor power: 2.6KW

Dimensions: 7600×2000×1850 

Empty Metal Can Depalletizing Machine2

Empty Can Magnetic Elevator

1) Equipment description: ZGQX magnetic automatic can washing machine is innovatively developed according to the requirements of metal can filling process. It is mainly used for continuous cleaning of empty cans of three-piece cans, and is also suitable for other models of similar size and shape. This machine passes the empty can through the tape-type can turning device, and directly sprays water on the inner wall of the can after turning the can to meet the hygienic requirements of food; the washing water is directly heated by steam, and then rinsed through a sanitary pump.

2) Production capacity: 400 cans/min.

3) Equipment power: motor 0.55KW, , circulating pump power: 0.37KW, 380V/50Hz.

4) Dimensions: 3000×750×1100mm.

5) Equipment material: Except for the motor, rubber strip, and bracket, all others are made of 304 stainless steel.

2.Empty Can Magnetic Elevator

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