Semi-automatic Basket Loading and Unloading Machine

Short Description:


Product: Semi-automatic  basket loading and unloading machine

Package: Tin Can  or Aluminum can

Capacity: 15000 cans per hour cans

Before sale service : Production line layout design

Payment Term: T/T , L/C at sight

Delivery Time :  About  30  days

Function :  Load and unload the sealed can or tin can  in and out of retort basket

Automatic Grade : Semi Automatic

Power : 2.5KW


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Product Application

 Bakset Loading System
This system is used for semi-automatic retort basket loading and unloading with a stationary hydraulic lift table:

The cans are sent from the conveying platform to the loading platform, and the cans are manually loaded in basket with scrapers.

After the cans are filled with one layer, they are separated by a partition. At the same time, the hydraulic lifting table lowers by one layer, and another layer of loading is carried out until the sterilization basket filled fully.

The system consists of a hydraulic lifting platform,  sterilization basket  which is matched with the horizontal sterilizer), and a loading platform.

Bakset Unloading System

The system adopts a fixed hydraulic lifting platform for semi-automatic unloading of the sterilization basket:
The sterilized cans are unloaded from the hydraulic lifting platform after being pushed out by the push pannel.

The hydraulic lifting platform rises one layer, the cans are pushed out one layer, and sent out by the conveyor belt to the packaging platform.

This system consists of a hydraulic lifting platform,    sterilization basket  which is matched with the horizontal sterilizer, and an unloading platform. 

The main Technical Parameters

  • Production capacity: 100-400 cans/min
  • Motor power : 2.95kw ( bakset loading)
  • Motor power :   2.75kW (bakset unloading)
  • Weight: 1.1 T ( basket loading )
  • Weight: 0.9T (basket unloading)
  • Dimension: 7000 x 1100 x 1300 mm

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