Container Leakage detector / Leakage detection machine/ Internal pressure detector 

Short Description:

Container Leakage detector / Food Package Leakage detection machine/ Food Package Internal pressure detector


Payment Term: T/T , L/C at sight

Delivery Time :  2 sets RTS (Ready to ship)

Function :  Internal pressure detection

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Package :   Can be used on any kind of soft package

Real-time monitoring of the internal pressure of cans and PET bottles after liquid nitrogen dosing,

as well as other sparkling drinks pressure detection after sealing( capping).
Siemens PLC  detection System

High-precision dynamic tracking sensor

Small pressure change can be detected

Punctual and precise judgement after calculation and comparison


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  • Product Detail

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    Product Parameters

    Rated input voltage: 220V-50HZ (Customerized)

    Humidity: relative humidity 0-100%

    Working altitude: 6050 meters above sea level

    Noise: Continuous noise ≤ 78DB(A)


    Capability:50-300 cans/min

    Product Charateristics

    his machine can quickly detect and reject unqualified products and provide sound and light alarms.

    Detection machine can monitor whether the front-end equipments along the line work status. When continuous unqualified products are rejected, it can be monitored that there is a problem with the equipment before detection machine .The equipment can be set to automatically stop the front-end equipment function to reduce loss and expansion. Reject unqualified product to prevent unqualified products from flowing to the market.

    In addition, with this detector, it is more convenient to adjust the dosing volume of the liquid nitrogen and the internal pressure can be judged whether the internal pressure is qualified or not without damaging the can.

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