Pepsi Nitro “Nitro Pepsi” liquid nitrogen dosed is officially launched, can it remove the “carbonated beverage” label?

On February 23, PepsiCo announced the launch of Nitro Pepsi, which will be available nationwide on March 28.


In 2019, PepsiCo introduced nitro technology , it is product dose the liquid nitrogen in cans or bottle by liquid nitrogen dosing machine , into Coke for the first time. After two years, this “Pepsi Nitro Cola” was finally officially launched. According to PepsiCo, “Nitro Pepsi is the first-ever nitrogen-infused cola” and “softer than a soft drink.”

Liquid nitrogen dosing machine

Nitro Pepsi is now available for pre-order at Walmart in the US

Image source: Walmart official website

  This Nitro Pepsi contains 2 flavors of base cola and vanilla cola and is sold in cans.  This aluminum can is soft and will be out of shape if it is noe dosed liquid nitrogen in by liquid nitrogen dosing machine . We searched the Walmart website in the United States and found that the pre-sale of the product is currently open. The page shows that the price of 12 cans is 24 US dollars, and a single can is equivalent to 2 US dollars.


In addition, unlike the 7.5oz (about 222mL) and 12oz (about 355mL) of traditional canned Pepsi, this nitrogen cola has a specification of 13.65oz (about 404mL), and a single can has a larger capacity.



“The First Nitrogen-Infused Cola Ever”


In the official promotional video, Pepsi describes this nitrogen cola as “smooth, creamy, delicious” (smooth, creamy, delicious). Smooth and creamy become for hte taste of nitrogen gas. Liquid nitrogen dosing equipment dose liquid nitrogen in can.  Liquid nitrogen vaporize when it meets with room termperature become notrogen gas being sealed in cans by filling and seaming machine  .When we opening the cans, the gas burst out like carbonated drinks.  The biggest feature is that it has smaller bubbles and smoother taste than traditional cola and soda.

 Liquid nitrogen dosing machine 1

The biggest feature of Pepsi Nitrogen Cola: smooth (smooth)

Image source: Pepsi’s official website

 These features come from the nitro technology used in Nitro Cola, which Pepsi claims Nitro Pepsi infuses with nitrogen through “unique widgets” placed at the bottom of each can, creating a multitude of small air bubbles and a dense foam on the surface of the liquid. In the past, this canned nitrogen technology has been commonly used in beer and coffee products, but this is the first time it has been applied to the cola category.

 Liquid nitrogen dosing machine 12

Pepsi Nitrogen Cola Ingredients List

 Image source: Walmart official website


Therefore, this cola specially wrote in the description, “It is recommended to drink it in a different way” – it is best to drink it refrigerated, but without ice; it is best to pour it into a tall glass as quickly as drinking beer, Then drink directly from the cup to experience the rich foam of cola.

 Previously, foreign media Food & Wine conducted a taste test on this cola, which “tastes like ice cream floats”, “similar to traditional carbonated cola, and has a richer and fuller taste.” [1]



Pepsi wants to “redefine Coke”?


 In fact, PepsiCo has been preparing for this nitrogen Coke for a long time.

 During the 2019 Super Bowl in the United States, Pepsi launched the Nitro Pepsi as a limited-edition product, but it was not widely publicized and sold only in limited food and beverage outlets and retail stores. After the event, PepsiCo did not announce the specific details and expected date of the product launch.


According to a report by the foreign media FoodNavigator, in July last year, PepsiCo said it was “continuing to improve Nitro Pepsi and put the finishing touches on the launch plan.”[2]

 After a lapse of 2 years, this nitrogen coke has finally been fully rolled out to the US market as an official product.

 Liquid nitrogen dosing mahcine 1

Pepsi says it’s “the first nitrogen-infused Coke ever”

 Image source: Pepsi’s official website


And last Friday, Coca-Cola just released its first limited product – “space flavored” Coca-Cola, and named it “Coca-Cola Starlight” (Coca-Cola Starlight), in North America, China and many other regions The limited release, the brand says, is intended to connect the younger generation of consumers through digital marketing strategies.

 The two giants launched new cola products one after the other, which also means a bit of a secret rivalry.

 In the past, the innovation of cola category focused on flavor, packaging, etc., but the properties of carbonated beverages “infused with carbon dioxide” have never changed.

 The launch of Pepsi Nitrogen may rewrite the definition of “Coke = carbonated beverages”.

“Nitro Pepsi is a first-of-its-kind product that creates a smooth, creamy, delicious taste experience,” Todd Kaplan, Pepsi’s vice president of marketing, said in the report. “Just as nitrogen transformed the beer and coffee categories, we believe Nitro Pepsi A significant leap forward in the cola category and will redefine cola for years to come.”[3]


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Post time: Mar-04-2022
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