Sidel launches ultra-light PET bottles!

Source: PWIF Packaging Water Innovation

According to foreign media, Sidel launched the X-LITE Still lightweight still water bottle, which is a 500ml PET pressureless still water package which needliquid nitrogen dosing machine to shape it. Its inventor claims that this is the lightest bottle of the same size and purpose in the world.

X-LITE engineers optimized Sidel Super Combi and integrated 5 process steps: preform feeding, blowing, labeling, filling/head and head feeding.

This 6.5g, 195mm bottle is designed for the still water market of small PET bottles, and the cap is Novembal Novaqua RightCAP26.

It also integrates a StarLITE Still base to improve stability and stress resistance, which can be applied to all Sidel blowing platforms and applied to existing production lines to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Sidel packaging expert Laurent Naveau said that this newly added packaging combination is able to withstand the application of labels on empty bottles.

Naveau added: “X-LITE’s pre-molded design and neck design can still bring a quick return on investment for our customers, even if the product line transformation includes a new injection stack.”

“Switching from 12g PET bottles to 6.5g X-LITE bottles, the payback time for product line upgrades will only be two to four months.”


Post time: Sep-04-2021
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