The introduction of automatic and semi-automatic processing machinery accelerates the upgrading of the canned fruit industry

A few days ago, a news about “the mysterious power of the Northeast canned yellow peach” rushed to the hot search. To say that canned fruit is an important export product in China. May be  you are familiar with it, but canned yellow peach has a position comparable to Guangdong herbal tea in Northeast China.

However, whether it is facing the domestic or international market, the fundamental thing is to make a good product. In recent years, automated and semi-automated fruit and vegetable machinery, cooking machinery, sterilization machinery, and packaging machinery have been introduced and replaced in the production of canned fruit.

 Canned fruit machinery

Canned fruit was almost popular all over the country from the 1980s and 1990s until the early 21st century.  At that time, whether it was New Year’s Day or visiting relatives and friends, canned fruits for all ages were indispensable gifts. Sweet and delicious canned yellow peaches, canned oranges, etc. were good things to satisfy your cravings. happiness, but will not feel bored. It is said that in the northeast area, there is still the habit of eating canned yellow peaches when they catch a cold. However, with the rapid improvement of the national economic level and the outbreak of illegal use of additives in the canned fruit industry, which has a low entry threshold, the development of the industry has faced considerable impact.

At this stage, the rapid decline in the sales of canned fruit made the canned food industry begin a regional centralized rectification and transformation and upgrading. Take Pingyi, Shandong, the main production area of ​​canned yellow peach in my country, for example, local relevant departments have increased the supervision and law enforcement of canned yellow peach production, and have processed workshops with poor production equipment, substandard sanitation, and food safety problems. After some investigation and supervision and rectification, the number of local canned food companies was reduced from about 400 to less than 100. Subsequently, the transformation and upgrading of canning enterprises also started from the aspect of quality improvement.

As we all know, canned fruit production involves washing, grading, halving, pitting, peeling, pre-cooking, cooling, trimming, canning, sealing, sterilization, cooling, etc. Mainly, not only is it difficult to ensure food safety, but also the production efficiency is relatively low. Thanks to the fact that the types of machinery and equipment currently serving canned fruit production are relatively complete and functional, the new look of the canned fruit production line is not just talk.

For example, in the pretreatment of fruits, in recent years, fruit sorting equipment has been gradually upgraded from simple weight sorting to photoelectric sorting that integrates size, color, shape, blemish, sweetness and acidity, and ensures that canned food is made from the inside out. The fruit has a good quality base. Automatic and semi-automatic cleaning equipment, slitting equipment, pitting equipment and other fruit and vegetable machinery relieves the processing pressure in the pretreatment process, and can also better promote the uniformity of fruit petals.

In the main processing links of canned fruit, cooking machine, sealing machine, filling machine, high temperature and high pressure sterilization equipment or pasteurization equipment have basically been able to achieve integrated and continuous complete processing, which not only helps to improve food production The key is to use modern production methods to promote the quality upgrade of canned fruit. Especially for the problem of canned food preservatives that people have misunderstood, with the standardization and standardization of canned fruit production, the use of correct sterilization process is actually conducive to eliminating people’s distrust of adding preservatives to canned fruit, thereby enhancing consumer confidence.
canned fruit yellow peach filling machine
In terms of market performance, in addition to showing the advantages of industrial development in terms of export and foreign exchange earning in these years, canned fruit industry has continued to upgrade in quality due to consumption upgrades under the dual-cycle development path, and the domestic market is on the verge of recovery. In the future, not forgetting the original intention and deeply cultivating the product line will still be the key point for industry enterprises to base themselves on the market. It is also necessary to accelerate the introduction of modern equipment in a timely manner according to their own production needs.

Post time: May-10-2022
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