The rise of Yuanqi Forest brings opportunities for the development of food and beverage equipment industry

The beverage season in 2022 is approaching, and brands are poised to take off. Sugar-free drinks have quickly captured the hearts of consumers due to their healthier feel. The “2021 China Sugar-Free Beverage Market Trend Insight Report” recently released by the Chinese Academy of Sciences shows that the market size of my country’s sugar-free beverages will further maintain its growth momentum and is expected to increase to 22.74 billion yuan in 2025. In the future, as consumers’ health awareness increases, sugar-free beverages will still be the growth point of the beverage market segment, and competition will be fierce. Fighting against each other will not only test the channel of the brand, but also test the production strength.

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Speaking of sugar-free drinks, we have a deep impression on the oriental leaves of the agricultural mountain spring and the sparkling water of the Yuanqi Forest. Compared with Oriental Leaf, which has been on the market for 10 years, the sparkling water of Yuanqi Forest is a rookie. To be sugar-free in beverages, the idea itself is very bold and innovative, and the requirements for technology are even higher. When sugar-free beverages are widely recognized by the market, the concept of healthy consumption is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Along with other health needs, beverages to remove preservatives are also a trend. Yuanqi Forest pays attention to the general trend of health and devotes itself to the production of products that meet market expectations.


In 2018, the Yuanqi Forest sparkling water was launched, and the concept of “0 sugar, 0 fat and 0 calories” was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

According to reports, in one factory,10 bottles of sparkling water are produced every second on an automated production line. Moreover, each production line has the “flexible production” ability to switch to produce different products such as burning tea, sparkling water, and aliens, which will provide support for meeting the diverse needs of the South China market.


The selling point of Yuanqi Forest that attracts the author: 0 sugar, 0 preservatives. It’s not easy for drinks to do this. Although it is said that in terms of production technology, aseptic packaging technology was born in the 1930s, and domestic “aseptic cold filling technology” has become increasingly mature, but due to cost considerations, many traditional beverage factories still use microorganisms. Ordinary production lines with a prevention level not higher than log5 need to add preservatives to the beverage to inhibit microorganisms.


Yuanqi Forest introduced the “sterile carbonic acid production line” to meet the log6 aseptic standard. In the production workshop, a “bottle blowing machine” is introduced to ensure that the bottle is blown and used immediately to avoid pollution; it is equipped with sterile water equipment to ensure that the water source is filtered and sterilized by RO reverse osmosis water purifier and sterile water equipment. Pure effect; also introduced the “sterile all-in-one machine” to realize the sterilization and cleaning function of empty bottles and bottle caps, as well as the functions of product liquid filling and aseptic capping. The entire aseptic carbonic acid production line realizes aseptic production of products with zero preservatives after mixing ratio and perfusion of aseptic feed liquid, aseptic packaging material (empty bottle & bottle cap), sterile water and sterile gas.


In addition, the production line of Yuanqi Factory is also equipped with an AI recognition device, which can intelligently detect the combination of each bottle cap and bottle body, and unqualified beverages will be automatically kicked out. According to previous estimates, Yuanqi Forest will put into operation 24 high-end aseptic production lines in 2022.


 In recent years, Yuanqi Forest has continuously deployed terminals, established its own factories, and gradually got rid of the foundry model, bringing more favorable support for its future development. It is worth mentioning that Yuanqi Forest Factory mostly uses domestic equipment, which also affirms the strength of some domestic food machinery companies in the high-end beverage market. The author is optimistic about the rise of domestic beverages in the future, and also pays attention to whether the upstream beverage filling machinery, liquid packaging machinery and other food and beverage equipment manufacturing enterprises can provide strong technical support for the take-off of domestic enterprises.

Post time: Apr-22-2022
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