The consumption volume of milk beer is expanding, how to win the favor of more consumers?

    Beer is very popular, dairy products are very popular, so is there any space for development of the combination of the two — milk beer?

There may be positive parts to the answer. Because in recent years, milk beer, as a special product in Xinjiang, has gradually broken through the limitation of time and space and entered the consumer market all over the country.

The voice of consumers’ approval is getting higher and higher, and the consumption volume of milk beer is expanding. How to win the favor of more consumers? Doing a good job in the product and building a reputation is an undoubted end point.

Filling and Seaming Machine

      Milk beer is an alcoholic milk drink. Although its name may make people think that this is a beer with dairy elements, there is still a big difference between milk beer and ordinary beer in terms of production process. For example, milk beer uses fresh milk, malt, hops, etc. as raw materials, and goes through a whole biological science and technology fermentation process, such as degreasing, sterilization, inoculation, batching, homogenization, and fermentation. The outer packaging has the logo of “Lactic Acid Bacteria” drink; and the beer is fermented with malt. Because the production process is very different, the milk beer is also more sour, sweet and refreshing in taste, with a slight bubble feeling and low alcohol content. Many consumers evaluate it as micro-bubble AD calcium milk.

        Of course, milk beer, which is between dairy products and beer, may be more attractive to people not only because of its taste, but because of the concept it carries. Looking at the current consumer market, young consumer groups love to drink, but they prefer low-alcohol fruit wine with nutritional and healthy attributes. The emergence of milk beer with trendy elements will undoubtedly give people a new choice for both, and milk beer will give people a sense of novelty and trend.

      Another factor affecting the improvement of the milk beer market is that the emergence of new online retail has provided people with a broader and more convenient consumption space. The milk beer under the product brand, as well as the New Hope Xuelan, Qingshijia and other brand products that are laying out the milk beer industry, have entered the consumer’s field of vision. The author noticed that on the corresponding platform, the evaluation list of each milk beer ranged from thousands of comments to hundreds of thousands of comments, which is enough to let people see the increase in milk beer consumption.

      Although the current milk beer market has not yet formed a large volume and does not account for a large proportion of the dairy industry’s revenue, the market layout of brands in the industry actually reflects the industry’s optimism about this market to a certain extent, and future competition is bound to be will become more intense. In the long run, two directions may become important development points.

      On the one hand, the food industry always requires quality and safety. In the production process of milk beer, the control of many factors such as fresh milk pretreatment, sterilization temperature and time control, ingredient ratio, and fermentation process plays an important role. In Xinjiang dairy industry, the establishment of a whole industry is accelerated. On the basis of the chain development model, the automatic milk beer production line integrating bottle washing machine, filling and seaming 2 in 1 machine sterilization machine, labeling machine and packaging machine is applied in milk beer production, with automatic and integrated operation. It can well avoid the possible interference caused by external factors. More importantly, under the modern production mode, the technical parameters of machinery and equipment are more controllable and stable, which will help improve the quality of milk beer.

      On the other hand, the current milk beer production is mostly based on the implementation of food safety enterprise standards. As more and more companies enter the market, it also means that the quality of the listed milk beer products may be uneven, which is not conducive to the development of the industry. Therefore, under the background of the market-driven growth of milk beer production and sales, enterprises, associations, relevant departments and other entities should speed up the drafting and formulation of corresponding group standards to promote the standardized production and sustainable development of milk beer.

Post time: Jun-06-2022
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