Spray Sterilization Tunnel Machine

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Product: Spray Sterilization Tunnel  Machine

Material: SUS 304

PLC Automatic Temperature Control

Capacity: 4800-24000 cans per hour

Before sale service : Production line layout design

Payment Term: T/T , L/C at sight

Delivery Time :  About  25 days

Function :  Pasteurization 

Automatic Grade : Automatic

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Product Application

Automatic multi-purpose autoclave has the advantages of high efficiency, uniform heat distribution, reduced temperature rise time, advanced food technology, reduced nutrient loss and good taste.

With the use of automatic transfer vehicle, it operates accerding to the opti-mized scheme to autormatically reduce the time of entering the autokclave and quickly send the full cage into the autoclave in turn.

After ster-ilization, the system will call automatically, and the automatic transfer car will send the products directly to the queuing track to complete the automatic cage unloading.

Machine Technical Description

Main technical parameters

1. Stainless steel material, compact overall structure
2. High quality plastic mesh chain plate,

3. High temperature resista corrosion resistance

4.  The temperature sensor Pt100 has high measuring accuracy, which can reach ±0.5C.

5. The sterilization ternperature is controlled by PLC touch screen, STIN

6. The total processing time is controlled by frequency conversion, which can be adjusted according to the production process.

Technical Parameters

  1. Dimension: L=10M W=1M
  2. Product outlet temp.: 25-30℃
  3. water consumption: Recycling use
  4. Material: SUS304 stainless steel
  5. water is heating by steam. With temp. control system.
  6. Function Description: it with three Temperature stages.  ,
  7.  Preheating stage: 4meters
  8. Heating stage (sterilization stage): 4meters 
  9. Cooling stage: 4meters
  10.  The material of conveyor chain: PP
  11.  Motor + reduce: China famous brand
  12.  Water pump: nanfang pump
  13. Machine frame: SUS304
  14.  Contactors/protection: Schneider

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