Defrosting (thawing) machine canned fish production line

Short Description:

Deforesting Machine


Application:  Frozen food deforesting

Charactristic : Constant temperature system

Heating method :Steam heating

Voltage : 380V

Power : 13.5kw

Capacity : 0.3-10ton/h

Dimension : 10000 x 1200 x 1900 mm

Material : SUS 304

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Payment Term: T/T

Delivery Time :  25-30 days

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Frozen fish Defrosting  (thawing) Machine Canned Fish Production Line 


The whole machine adopts SUS304 stainless steel, net chain and its parts are made of quality stainless steel SUS304.

Effective defrosting within seconds and with no damage on products.

Specially designed in wire mesh conveyor belt with water recycling system.

Functioning with minimum power consumption,

Highly productive deforesting pool,

Complete machine in high quality stainless steel materials.


Frozen fish deforesting machine
Fully automatic deforesting pool equipment is made of 304 food stainless steel (except electrical components).

It has the characteristics of adjustable speed and temperature. The unique inner tank structure solves the shortcomings of remaining product impurities that are difficult to clean, and completely improves the hygiene of the equipment. The condition, while ensuring product quality, guarantees sanitary standards.

  1. The water tank and the bottom of the water tank are equipped with drainage outlets and sewage outlets to quickly clean the thawing pool and keep the pool sanitary without dead ends.
    2.  The thawing tank also includes an air pipe with a plurality of air outlets on one end and an air pump. The air pump is arranged outside the water tank.
    3.  Frozen fish deforesting machine ,The automatic thawing pool uses the frequency converter to control the speed.

4.  Use the humanized dial plate to quickly thaw the products floating on the water, and at the same time, the thawed products can be moved forward quickly. The frequency conversion speed control can be controlled at any time according to the customer's output.
5.  The thawing machine series adopts steam heating or electric heating automatic constant temperature control pool. The device can be opened or closed at any time according to the needs of customers, and the constant temperature system can be used according to the needs of the season.

Advantages of deforesting machine equipment:

Deforesting machine used for deforest frozen fish or frozen products at -18 degrees, using high-pressure bubbles to quickly churn the water so that the products collide and rub each other in the thawing pool to achieve The purpose of quick thawing.

There is a constant temperature pool next to the thawing pool. The water flows from the constant temperature pool into the thawing machine inlet. As the frozen products are thawed and thawed, the products on the net chain are automatically discharged in the direction of discharging. During this period of time, the water enters the constant temperature pool from the thawing pool, so that it can be recycled, which saves water resources and is environmentally friendly. It can not only reduce costs, but also greatly improve the production efficiency of the food processing industry.

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