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Application: Fruit Juice Canning Production Line Machine

Filling Head:18 filling heads

Seaming Machine : 4 Seaming heads

Voltage : 380V

Power : 7.5kw

Maximum speed : 250 cans/min

Dimension : 2800 x 1500 x 2200 mm

Material : SUS 304

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Payment Term: T/T

Delivery Time :  45  days or depends

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Willman Machinery-- Professionan canned food and beverage machinery manufacturer from China .

With 15 years experience ,we provide whole production line for arious types of canned food or canned beverage, carbonated or non-carbonated drinks .

Fruit juice Canning Production Line machinery manufacturer

We have got rich experience for  whole production line solution for fruit juice Canning Production line by providing many whole canned fruit juice production line for our customers and got good reputation.

Let's have a what machines this fruit juice canning production line consists of.

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Empty Can Depalletizing Machine

Automatic metal can depalletizing machine is used at the start of beverage canning production line.
It is used for depalletizing empty metal can from full and high stacked can on pallet automatically, which improve the production
efficiency for filling and satisfy customers’ beverage production.
1. Capacity :0-600 cans per minute
2. Applicable container : aluminum can , tin can , glass bottle
3. Applicable can height : 39-240mm
4.Dimension :4950*2500*4500mm
5. Suitable for pallet size : 1.1m *1.4m /1m *1.2m
6. Power supply : 380V 3phase 50hz
7. Total power :5 kw
8. Total weight :4.5T
9. Noise :<85dB
10. Operator : 2 persons

Empty Metal Can Depalletizing Machine2

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Empty Can Washing Machine

This empty can washing maachine is water spraying type.
Empty can will be upside down conveying through spraying water under and then turn back to right position for filling

Capacity: 200-400 cans per minute
Material: SUS304 stainless steel
Dimension: 2400×2000×500mm

Fruit juice Canning Production Line 2

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Fruit Juice Filling and seaming machine

This filling and seaming machine is suitable non-carbonated beverage such as fruit juice, tea, protein
drink and canned food, The capacity is 100-300 cans per minute.
This is the most imprtant machine in the production line of fuit juice canning production line 
The machine is combined with two parts:filling and sealing. The filling part is using the normal pressure filling method. The
liquid level is controlled by the liquid level filling principle. Both normal temperature filling and high temperature filling can
be adapted.Filling head: 36 heads,
Seaming head: 6 heads
Capacity: Max. 350 cpm
Range of diameter: 52.5-99mm
Range of height: 70-133mm
Dimension: 2.8M*1.7M*1.95M
Weight: 5500 kg
Power: 7.5 kw
Craft beer, carbonated drinks, gas beverage, sparkling water, cider, soda water
Packing Type
Aluminum cans, tin cans, pet cans, etc
18000 CPH
Filling Range
130ml, 250ml, 330ml, 355ml, 500ml, 12oz, 16oz, 1L and so on (0.1-1L)
Fruit juice Canning Production Line 3

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine

When producing fruit juice (no - carbonated ) in aluminum can, Liquid Nitrogen Dosing Machine is necessary.
Lqiuid nitrogen dosing machine strength the light package
Liquid nitrogen will turn into gas when it touches anything warmer than itself. It expands to gas 700 times its volume
A drop of liquid nitrogen into the head space of a filled aluminum will purge the air out leaving only nitrogen. By using liquid
nitrogen dosing, the residual oxygen left in the headspace can be reduced to as little as 0.5%.

300 cans per min, Set up continuous dosing speed
Suitable Can Size: According to customer’s requirement
Power :200W
Voltage :380V 50HZ 3 phase
Weight :32kg
Dimension :1300mmx750mmx450mm

Fruit juice Canning Production Line 4

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Pasteurization Tunnel

Pasteurization tunnel is water spraying type bottle warming/cooling machine.

Compared with the sterilization pot, pasteurization tunnel has the characteristics of high efficiency and easy operation.
This tunnel pasteurizer could sterilize liquid product together with its package (can or PET bottle or glass bottle). It can kill all bacteria which possible exist in liquid product or package. Liquid product and its package are heated to sterilizing temperature, keep this temperature for a certain time according to the content, and then low to room temperature by spraying cool water onto package.
Fruit juice Canning Production Line 5

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Internal Pressure Detection Machine

Internal pressure detection after sealing to make sure every aluminum can sealed well without leakage

Capability:1200 cans/min
Test applicable pressure range: 0-6bar
Dynamic accuracy is better than 0.05bar
Static accuracy detection: 0.01bar
Test accuracy: 99.99%
Missing kick rate less than 0.01%
Sensor Precision is better than 0.01bar
* Compressed air: Used to supply the elimination of cylinders. Need 8mm diameter air tube, pressure range of 4-6 kg

Fruit juice Canning Production Line 6

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- Coding Machine

It can realize 32 dot matrix jet printing, the circuit system, ink system and nozzle are innovative design to reached the
higher stability.
* Spray printing parameters and the information content are in storage integration, which is
* convenient for user to find at any time, reducing waste of time and improving work efficiency.
* The design can be directly edited by computer. And information, design,
* and word library can be imported or exported through using USB.

Fruit juice Canning Production Line 7

Fruit juice Canning Production Line --- PVC heating Shrink Labeling Machine

* The Sleeve System is a fully automatic shrink sleeve labeling system for applying and shrinking full body sleeve labels. Each Sleeve System includes a sleeve applicator, one or two shrink tunnel modules, (depending on the requirement), a steam generator and a stainless steel conveyor for transporting containers through the system.

Fruit juice Canning Production Line 8

Fruit juice Canning Production Line ---Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine / Package Machinery

* Automatic shrink wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping beverage can or bottle, mineral water bottle, beer package. It is PE film shrink wrapping, cost saving package without carton or paper tray. The wrapping and heating tunnel is working stably and stable capacity with good performance.

Fruit juice Canning Production Line 9

Willman Machinery Company introduction

zhoushan willman machinery technology Co, Ltd is a professional manufacturing enterprise of a high-tec equipment, integrates research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service We are specialed in canned food beverage canning machienry and liquid nitrogen dosing machine including aseptic liquid dosing machine and food products detection machine like vacuum detection machine, inner pressure detection mahcine ect. Our skilled team will provide you professional service including layout design. Adhering to energy saving, labor saving, and capacity increasing, we pay more attention the quality in our products we produce.
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