Aluminum Foil Overlid Sealing Machine For Cans

Short Description:

Aluminum Foil Overlid  Sealing Machine  For Cans 


Speed: 45 Cans  per minute

Payment Term: T/T

Delivery Time :   30 days

Function :   Aluminum Foil Overlid  Sealing

Automatic Grade : Automatic

Package : Aluminum Can

Product Detail

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Product Description

   Aluminum foil overlid sealing Machine is to seal the top of beverage can with aluminum foil to protect cans, bottles or jars from dust.

The aluminium foil is heat sealed to the can without glue after sealing easy open lid. This new design add an extra element of hygiene and value to the product.

 The automatic aluminum foil overlid sealing machine applies a heat-sealed aluminium foil lid at the top of can .

After sealing , the aluminum foil cover the whole top of can, which protect beverage can from dust or germs. It is safe and hygienic when customer drinking beverage.

There is no need to clean the can mouth when open the can and can enjoy the drinks directly,

offering consumers a “top drinking experience” from products that provide the best quality and ‘premiumness’.

Technical Data

No.   Item     Specification     Remark
1 Capacity 45 cans per minute Customizable
2 Diameter Range 50-100mm Customizable
3 Height Range 80-150mm Customizable
4 Voltage 380 50Hz Customizable
5 Ingress Protection IP44  
6 Power 2kw  
7 Working Environment Temp.: 0-+35°C, Humility :  <80%  
8 Compressed Air 0.4-0.7Mpa  
9 Main Material SUS 304, Food grade PU  
10 Dimension L 2000 x W750 x H 1800mm  
11 Weight 800kgs  






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